Freedom Motors welcomes its latest Advisor

Hello Everyone,

As part of our new initiatives in the Energy industry, we have brought on board a new advisor to help Freedom Motors with bringing our technology to market.

Mike Smith is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Acacia Security, a Maryland Corporation, providing consulting services to enhance the security and resilience of Energy Sector industrial control systems. Prior to founding Acacia Security, Mike was the Senior Cyber Policy Advisor to the Assistant Secretary in the Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (OE) at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). He was responsible for coordinating all ICS cybersecurity activities that could impact the Energy Sector, to include legislation, policies, threat information sharing, best practices, and research and development. Mike established and led the Cybersecurity Risk Information Sharing Program (CRISP) with the Electricity Subsector; current participants provide electric power to more than half of the continental U.S. customers.

Prior to becoming Senior Cyber Policy Advisor, Mike stood up the Global Initiatives Directorate in the Infrastructure Security and Energy Restoration (ISER) Division at DOE. As the first Director, he managed a team of nationally recognized subject matter experts with a multi-million-dollar budget. He led the effort to draft and execute an agreement with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to provide technical support designed to enhance the security of its critical energy infrastructure. He also co-led and/or supported U.S. delegations to the KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Colombia.

After retiring from the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps in 2004, Mike was a consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) until 2008 when he accepted a position at DOE. While at BAH, Mike supported several Department of Defense offices on a variety of critical infrastructure security programs, to include the Global Information Grid (GIG) Support to Mission Assurance Task Force as well as the Defense Industrial Base Information Assurance Task Force. Mike also supported the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Networks and Information Integration/CIO in preparing and publishing the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) sponsored white paper “Framework for Lifecycle Risk Mitigation for National Security Systems in the Era of Globalization”.

During Mike’s Army career, he served as a uniformed lawyer in a wide variety of domestic, international and combat deployed positions. In 1990, he deployed from Germany with his unit to Operation Desert Storm/Shield. On September 11, 2001 he was sitting in the Pentagon supporting the Army Operation Center as its resident legal advisor when the plane hit the building. Prior to attending college and law school, Mike served in the Air Force as a Ground Radio Repairman.

Mike holds a Master of Laws in International and Comparative Law from Georgetown University and another Master of Laws in International and Operational Law from the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s School. Mike went to University of Oklahoma to get his JD and bachelor’s degree in Political Science and English.

Mike has published several articles, the last of which was Electricity Subsector Operational Technology in the Cloud, The Institution of Engineering and Technology, Engineering & Technology Reference (May 13, 2016).

Mike’s professional and educational experience will tremendously help Freedom Motors. With his in-depth knowledge of North American energy infrastructure, we look forward to his advisory role.

Welcome to the team Mike!

Regards – Dave

Author: David Sastry

David has two decades of experience as a senior engineer at Intel Corporation, Freescale and Marvell Semiconductors. Before joining Freedom Motors he was a Principle Consultant for Infosys in their IoT Practice. David holds BS and MS degrees from Ohio State University in electrical engineering, with an emphasis on computer architecture and digital design. David is responsible for Freedom Motors' IT systems, social media outreach, managing corporate operations and contributing to business development.

21 thoughts on “Freedom Motors welcomes its latest Advisor”

  1. Ok sounds like a great guy, BUT could you explain what is roll will be and how he is going to help? Not sure I
    Grasp how his back ground will assist us

    1. Sure! Mike has a lot of contacts in DoE, DoD and other government agencies, and will be our eyes and ears in Washington D.C. to help us with getting access to funding opportunities, as well as representing our interest in the government.

  2. The problem starts from the top down and hiring this person who seems like he is able to do the job, will fail due to FM’s leader will not let him do his job he was hired to do. For over 20 years, this engine has been able to be placed on the market but Moller has halted any progress in getting to market. Why? I don’t know. It might be something to do with the sale of Supertrap or that Moller just doesn’t wish to give up any of his worthless shares. If you want to make money with your stock, Moller has to give up his control and the board has to use it’s power to get this moving in the right direction before some other company comes up with the current FM process and makes your FM stock worthless forever.

    1. Hey Mark,

      There are many issues trying to take an engine to market. Demand is not a problem, we have lots of requests every month from folks who wish to buy the engines. But for most of these requests, to meet their price MSRP and volume expectations, it means significant manufacturing capability which we do not have the money to invest in. However, Dr. Paluru and I have developed a plan for that and we are currently pursing this, but there is no short term solution to building a manufacturing facility, as you can imagine.

      For some markets, like biogas generation, we can manufacture at very low volume and still be price competitive, which is the low hanging fruit we can go after. We have a partner in Canada who has one of our engines right now and they are assembling our first prototype.

      But we also have capital issues, and Dr. Paluru and I are working several angles simultaneously to address those. Mike Smith’s role will be as a advisor to the board and management, and will be helping us with getting access to Washington D.C. funding opportunities. That is just one direction of many we are pursuing at the moment. Others are strategic partnerships with energy industry companies both here and overseas, which we are actively pursuing.

      1. Do u have a ballpark as to when the motor will be complete and in the end users hands I won’t hold you to the timeline since I know issues come up just best guess if all goes as planed (HA!)

        1. We are building engines today, but right now we are only doing small prototype projects with select partners. For example, we just shipped an 530cc engine last week to one of our partners in Canada. They are working with us to design and build a prototype biogas generation system, which is being done under a Canadian government grant.

          However, we can only build a small number of engines with parts we have on hand. We currently do not have the funds or employees to do a full production run. Dr. Paluru came on board to help us get around those limitations, and he is working with us on those plans.

          1. David — I hope that your partner in Canada isn’t relying on anything from the Ontario Provincial government. The government just changed, and anything with any kind of enviromental/alternative energy focus is being cut.

          2. It’s an interesting point, government priorities can change quickly. As of today there have been no issues – this demonstration project is being done in Nova Scotia.

            The grant is through the Government of Canada, Natural Resources Canada department. A program called CERRC – Clean Energy for Rural and Remote Communities:

            1. Whoops, sorry Randy I misread your reply.

              We shipped the engine to our partner last week, it got through Canadian customs and will be in their hands shortly. We are meeting next week to go through the next steps. We have to help with the design the fuel and exhaust systems. There are no biogas carburetors on the market for engines of this size, so it makes it a bit more complicated. Also, we have to add a liquid in the fuel stream, either water or an alcohol, in order to cool the rotor, so that needs to be implemented as well.

              I would expect a two to three month time frame to build the system out. They must build the skid, mount the engine and electric motors, voltage rectifiers, inverter, sensors and instrumentation and control systems, engine cooling, engine oil, exhaust & fuel systems. Once assembled, it will need to go through basic tests before it is installed at the WWTP. The control system will allow for data collection, remote monitoring & control.

    2. I think it’s to late already. New technology being developed all the time and it’s a lot better than anything Moller is creating or has.

  3. Welcome aboard Mike! David – you’re doing great. For the naysayers, how about look at the fact that the company has some positive activity after years of being mostly dormant. I’m excited 🙂

  4. AIE (UK) is already selling their tiny 15BHP upward models with optional generator and Delta Motorsport (UK) says their MiTRE 17kW micro turbine based unit targets an initial run of a thousand units to be priced at around a thousand pounds sterling each. We are eagerly awaiting the freedom version which seems quite promising but making us feel like we are ‘waiting for Godot’. Terribly Frustrating.

  5. Hi David,

    It is good that other people with different qualifications & experience are coming on board, but does FM & MI have any succession plans for the day Dr Moller may not be able to lead anymore?

  6. It sounds like this gentleman is the right person to assist in getting money and projects for the company. What I’d like to see is these engines getting into the following markets – i.e. lawn mowers, tillers and other garden equipment, portable generators. Just start with one good product you can build your name off of. You may want to send someone to CEO Space – (Forbes Ranked #1 Business Accelerator) to get the capital, strategic planning, marketing and advertising you need. Contact me if you want that connection.

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