June 2023 Newsletter

Freedom Motors has leased 8,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space that will be used initially to begin fulfilling its contract with OneH2. Over the last year our Chief Engineer has been leading a group at the OneH2 facility in North Carolina where they are testing our engine powering a genset on hydrogen. These gensets are to be installed in forklifts to be used by Amazon. FM now has firm orders, conditional orders, and letters of intent for over 3.5 million engines. The firm contract with OneH2 is for 26,200 engines. A large portion of the conditional orders are for two and three wheel motorcycle/motor scooters in Asia. It is difficult to competitively produce engines in the US for foreign orders, and therefore, we have an agreement in process to produce engines under license in Singapore for the ASEAN market (20 different countries).

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Fire Update

Hi everyone,

There have been various news reports about a fire at Paul Moller’s ranch, with a lot of inaccurate information being reported.

There was a grass fire that managed to ignite one of the outbuildings on Dr. Moller’s ranch. The building that burned was a barn that was used for storage. Most of the losses are agricultural equipment and tools, but a few historical models of Dr. Moller’s vehicles were lost as well. However no injuries occurred in the fire, and Dr. Moller’s house is fine as well.

The cause of the grass fire is still under investigation. These fires are very common in California in the summer, as the dry air and heat make the native grasses extremely combustible.

Best Regards – Dave

Site Maintenance

Hi Everyone,

Quick update- the blog site performed a software upgrade and for some reason the commenting system on our host server seems to have been broken. For now the comments system is disabled as we look into the issue.