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We published two press releases this weekend which should go out on the wire by Monday or Tuesday.  Once they are published I will include the links here, but I am also including the full text for the press releases below.

Freedom Motors signs Memorandum of Understanding for Strategic Partnership with Alturair (link)

Dixon, CA (PR) December 9th, 2018 — Freedom Motors and Alturair are pleased to announce a strategic partnership between the two enterprises to codevelop electric power generation systems ranging in output capability from 2 kW up to 500 kW.

Freedom Motors is the developer of the extremely powerful, lightweight, and low-emission Rotapower® rotary engine. The company has previously demonstrated that by using its Rotapower engine, together with a state-of-the-art DC generator, it can significantly reduce the overall volume and weight required for a generator system (when compared with existing piston engine designs). For example, a Rotapower generator that can produce 25 kW of electrical power could easily be two-man portable. Such a unit is not available in today’s market and would be useful for a large number of mobile applications.

Alturair is a generator manufacturing company that has produced generators commercially and for US Government and Military. They specialize in manufacturing generators as small as 2 kW and up to 500 kW and are experienced with using rotary engines.

Freedom Motors and Alturair will work together to develop powerful, efficient and functional generators for commercial and other uses. The pilot project will focus on a generator design that will reduce both the weight and volume footprint of the generator, and will minimize carbon and other harmful emissions.

Freedom Motors signs Memorandum of Understanding for Strategic Partnership with Stratus Environmental (link)

Dixon, CA (PR) December 9th, 2018 — Freedom Motors and Stratus Environmental are pleased to announce a strategic partnership between the two enterprises to develop biogas generation technologies and solutions to mitigate carbon emissions and fight global warming.

Landfills, waste water treatment plants and agricultural waste are sources of biogas that has a large percentage of methane. Because methane is 86 times more effective than CO2 at retaining heat, many earth scientists believe that methane should be of greater concern than CO2 for its impact on global warming. Developed by Freedom Motors, the Rotapower® rotary engine can use biogas as a fuel to generate electricity at low cost and it is tolerant to common biogas contaminants. By preventing the biogas from being flared or released directly to the atmosphere the Rotapower engine can make a meaningful contribution to reducing global warming gas emissions.

Stratus Environmental is a full-service environmental engineering and consulting firm with offices in Cameron Park, Huntington Beach, and Ventura, California and in India. Stratus is a certified California Small Business and have been serving clients throughout Northern and Southern California since 1999. Stratus specializes in the assessment and cleanup of soil and groundwater that has been impacted by NAPLs and DNAPLs; Landfill gas extraction and management; landfill leachate and post-closure groundwater monitoring program; and industrial waste water treatment. Built on a solid foundation of dedicated and experienced environmental professionals, our success lies in utilizing innovative and economical solutions combined with solid technical experience that consistently meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Freedom Motors and Stratus Environmental will work together to develop a prototype biogas generation system utilizing old landfill gas that cannot be used in biogas generators currently available on the market. Freedom Motors has been working on a similar prototype with a partner in Canada that will be operational in January of 2019.

Best Regards – Dave

Author: David Sastry

David has two decades of experience as a senior engineer at Intel Corporation, Freescale and Marvell Semiconductors. Before joining Freedom Motors he was a Principle Consultant for Infosys in their IoT Practice. David holds BS and MS degrees from Ohio State University in electrical engineering, with an emphasis on computer architecture and digital design. David is responsible for Freedom Motors' IT systems, social media outreach, managing corporate operations and contributing to business development.

15 thoughts on “New Press Releases”

  1. Its been a year since I joined your newsletter and this is a great start for freedom motors. Hope your company God’s speed 😀.
    Rob Edgar

  2. Great news!! …Now… anyone who has been around MI awhike has seen MANY letters of intent / partnerships etc they have come to nothing. (With each one having a reason for ending BEST example is A-life which went bankrupt at no fault of Mi.) I know a PR must be limited in scope, but can u detail, well.. some details in the blog as to when these projects might start (30,60 240, days?) who will be involved (as a crew yet to be hired) just but some meat on the bones. NOW, please note what I am asking is NOT set in stone dates, since I am betting this is all kinda fluid still BUT just a we can say “Hey what ever happen to XY&Z that was suppose to happen in 6 months and it has been 9?” “I” ask this because as of yet I can NOTbtell my wife since she WILL being up the “Yup heard this all before, we wasted our money, and NO I will not agree to invest anyone etc (anyone with a wife will understand) AND Reilly am sick of those who will claim one more scams of the Dr of which I believe has always tried what he thought would work. Nice to see some of them put to bed once and for all

    1. Hey Randy, we are working on getting short term funding to help us with these projects, although the project with Stratus Env. we are working on a proposal to submit to the county to see if we can get some additional funding from them. We will keep everyone up to date on our plans as we move forward.

  3. The only way is to start building motors and selling them. Build them and they will come. Then as you start to get some volume, you will have plenty of defects to correct and engineer solutions. This is really the only way forward that I see. Build the motors now, it will cost more, but these are custom solutions. As you perfect the manufacturing and engineer fixes, the price will start to come down for each motor. Build motors and sell them.

    1. Totally agree….. but motors need buyers to pay for the learning curve and ramp-up. Start-up is always a highly exposed position (I consider the motor new)…… this is normal, previous missteps aside……

    2. I totally agree with you as well, we are working to get the short term funding we need to build several prototype engines for these projects, but our long term funding we are looking for several million to setup a limited manufacturing line in Dixon. Our trip to India today is part of this fund raising effort.

    1. Your point might have validity IF history was being repeated….. but you and I both know this is quite different, and the direction is actually POSITIVE and forward looking based on REAL technologies and opportunities.
      Be patient…….

      1. LOL! That is really funny, because after every “deal”, “MOU”, “Strategic Partnership”, “potential investor”, “LOI” etc. is announced the consensus among fans are that “this time is different”. The sad truth is that it never is…You really made me laugh there. Thanks. I needed that today.

        No. No. No. Sorry. I am sure “this time is different”.

        As for being patient…I don’t need to be anymore. I let go of all my stock (MLER) quite some time ago.

        The only reason I am still interested in these companies are because I have been following Dr Moller and his companies since the late 80’s. To me it has become like one of those TV series that are good for the first 3 seasons, but by season 11 the ratings have dived to new lows and you are tired of it, but you’ve come this far and just want to see how it ends…

      2. As for real technologies and opportunities, if you’ve been following the news the past couple of years you would notice that ‘flying car’ technology is,indeed, very real and there are huge opportunities. It is projected by some that the flying car industry will be a trillion dollar industry in two decades. There are new people and companies crawling out of the woodwork on a daily basis developing and testing this new type of aircraft. With companies like Airbus, Boeing, Bell, Embraer and many others actively pursuing this market and investors pouring millions into this, it seams to me that it can’t get any real.

        I do get it that Moller International’s future hangs on Freedom Motor’s success, but the clock is ticking. And the fact that in this time where people are pouring millions into flying car technology and it seems no one wants to touch MI is testament that past mistakes has damaged reputations beyond repair.

        I do hope these new ‘ventures’ for Freedom Motors are successful. Like I always hope, but I have been around the block too many times with these people to have any confidence that this time, in fact, will be any different.

        1. Thanks for all your comments, and I understand the frustration having been both a long time Moller fan and stockholder before I joined the company.

          Things are moving positively for us now, and even Dr Moller feels we have had more positive news in the past few month than the past 15 years. The new industries we are focusing on for Freedom Motors and the team we have gathered has made a real difference in increasing our chances for success, the biggest improvement being increased contact with potential investors. Our trip to Asia this week is part of that engagement.

          The press releases are just a byproduct of our efforts to build partnerships and alliances with other companies who can help us reach our goals. After all, we are engine experts, but not generator experts. You can expect to see more of these agreements going forward, especially as we have been talking with several small-scale biogas digester companies who are interested in our engine.

          The flying car business has a long long road to travel before moving from R&D to commercial use. We definitely do not like to be left behind, but without funding Moller has no where to go. So our focus has to be where we see high profitability. Making engines and generators ourselves for markets with immediate need is where we need to be, not licensing or royalty agreements. We have to have engine manufacturing for the Skycar and Neuera to be successful, as there is no other company that can make engines for these aircraft.

          Anyways, I don’t want to convince you we will succeed by telling you want we are going to do. Rather, I want to show you what we have done to be successful. The first step is funding the business, and then next step is start building more engines. The agreements outlined in these press releases show that we are lining up projects for these new engines for our target markets. Our friends in Canada are focused on Agricultural biogas, Stratus is focused on Landfill gas, and Alturair is focused on multi-purpose generators. We need these projects in the pipeline and ready to go so we can hit the ground running when we receive our investor funding. These initial partners will also likely become our first customers, and we will start our growth path from there.

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