Website Updates & Other News

Hi Everyone,

I made a few changes on the Freedom Motors website over the last couple of weeks.  Some of these changes were only cosmetic, but I also added a collection of brochures and whitepapers that can be downloaded in PDF format.  There is a “Documents” page under the “About Us” menu where you can download these new documents.

We published 4 new whitepapers on the website about the Rotapower engine that cover performance, emissions, reliability and manufacturability.  These short papers have a wealth of information about the Rotapower engine, its development history and technological advantages.  I’m including links to papers here:

In other news, some of you may have noticed that I published on Facebook a “sneak peak” photo of the biogas generator prototype that is being built by our partner in Canada (image below).  The generator is almost complete – they are waiting on a few final components before initial testing is started.  We plan is to install the generator at Cape Breton University where it will undergo rigorous testing in a laboratory setting.  This will give us many advantages as we can carefully control the fuel mix and closely monitor emissions as well.

Rotapower Biogas Generator Prototype

Dr. Paluru and I are traveling to India next week to meet with investor groups as well as government officials.  On this trip we are pursuing both investment funding and future high-volume manufacturing capability.  We will be back just before Christmas.

I took a couple photos this week of Dr. Moller and Dr. Paluru holding one of our latest model 530cc engines.  This 32 pound engine has a maximum output of 125 HP when running on ethanol.

Regards – Dave

Author: David Sastry

David has two decades of experience as a senior engineer at Intel Corporation, Freescale and Marvell Semiconductors. Before joining Freedom Motors he was a Principle Consultant for Infosys in their IoT Practice. David holds BS and MS degrees from Ohio State University in electrical engineering, with an emphasis on computer architecture and digital design. David is responsible for Freedom Motors' IT systems, social media outreach, managing corporate operations and contributing to business development.