Congratulations to our new CEO

Hello Everyone,

It is with great pleasure that I announce Dr Subhash Paluru has accepted the position of CEO for Freedom Motors.  Dr. Moller will continue in his role as President and the key technology leader for the company.   My role as COO will remain unchanged.

It was only a few months ago that Dr. Paluru joined our company, and I believe you will agree with me, that in this short time he has already had a very positive impact.

Dr. Paluru has recruited a group of powerful industry influencers to our board of Strategic Advisors.   He has been securing meetings with VCs here in the United States and internationally, and Freedom Motors will be attending these meetings over the next couple months.  He has been working tirelessly to flush out all the details of our manufacturing business plan, which is now complete.  And, he has personally brought positive new attention to the company which has turned into several new business opportunities which we are now exploring.

Join me in congratulating Subhash in his new role in leading Freedom Motors from a small R&D development firm into a full-fledged manufacturing company to produce Rotapower engines for our target markets.

Regards – Dave

Author: David Sastry

David has two decades of experience as a senior engineer at Intel Corporation, Freescale and Marvell Semiconductors. Before joining Freedom Motors he was a Principle Consultant for Infosys in their IoT Practice. David holds BS and MS degrees from Ohio State University in electrical engineering, with an emphasis on computer architecture and digital design. David is responsible for Freedom Motors' IT systems, social media outreach, managing corporate operations and contributing to business development.

8 thoughts on “Congratulations to our new CEO”

  1. I had the funding well in hand with a powerful group of business executives about 2 years ago, led by Mr. Olin, a business colleague but not, like me, a stockholder and supporter of FM. Sadly, Paul did not think the required next step, after several free strong preliminary steps, of investing $10 K in furthering the project was a worthwhile investment. It was and the opportunity and two + years were lost.
    Most unfortunate as this group held the keys to the kingdom.
    Wm. A. Smith 603 580-5510
    Exeter, NH

    1. Let’s hope you get a phone call from the new CEO and have the opportunity to revisit with your investors. The R&D that’s FM has done over the last 2 years may prove even more valuable now than it did then…

      1. Russ, thank you for your comments. I assure you I will be working hard to get funding together to start manufacturing these beautiful engines. my email address is Please send me an email with your phone number and I will be happy to make a call and speak with you. Transparency is very important to me.

    1. Good morning William. My sincere apologies for the delay in replying to your comment. I thank you for being FM shareholder and your support is very important to us. I sure hope that we had that funding two years ago. I have some experience in the investment field and I believe that it is very critical to have synergy on both sides since it is a symbiotic relationship.

      I assure you moving forward I will ensure that we will take utmost care and diligence during our upcoming negotiations with the VCs.

      I have been in public service for almost all my adult life. Now here I am serving our stakeholders and will do it with the same vigor and commitment.

  2. I have been waiting 40 years for Paul Moller to get a good venture capital company to take this over and he stubbornly hangs on. Not realizing that just because he has a Phd in Aeronautics that doesn’t mean that he can run a business which FM and MI has been a dismal failure due to Paul’s lack of being able to see this and giving up many of his worthless shares to get this job done right once and for all.

    Perhaps someday but until he does, or dies, FM and MI will flounder at best and perhaps go under altogether.

  3. Welcome Dr. Paluru. I’ve been an investor in FM and MI for quite some time now and have to say this is a great direction so far. So is there something you can share about direction, partnerships, manufacturing progress or wins with the investors? I’m going to assume that there are some significant positive changes on the horizon considering the talent that is being pulled together, but wanted to see if there was anything you can share.

    1. Thank you Raul. Appreciate the welcome. Yes, it is my belief that success comes from two things. One is a great team and another is funding. My first goal was to bring in folks that are powerful and connected in our field. We are diligently having conversations with VCs across the globe.

      It is David and my plan to provide a monthly update on our blog with the progress we are making. Thanks again for your support!

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