Freedom Motors Engines Mitigate Methane Issues

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Author: Dr. Subhash Paluru

Dr. Paluru has over two decades of experience in the utility industry with extensive knowledge and expertise in Power Systems Engineering, Power Operations, Power Marketing, SCADA Operations, Information Technology, Substation Automation, Reliability Compliance, Physical and Cyber Security. Dr. Paluru is a former Department of Energy Senior Executive. Dr. Paluru oversaw and managed the Sierra Nevada Regional Office of Western Area Power Administration in Northern California. He has also served in several leadership roles in Information Technology, Power Operations, Critical Infrastructure, Reliability Compliance, Physical and Cyber Security. Dr. Paluru has also advised several large utilities in the area of Technology and Innovation in the power industry for improving the operation and modernization of North America’s power transmission grid. Dr. Paluru holds a PhD in Physics in the field of High Temperature Superconductors and its applications.