March 2020 Update

Greetings readers, stakeholders and well-wishers. It has been hectic couple months for all of us. Before we ushered into 2020, we  prototyped a 54cc compound engine that is projected to produce 10 hp on methanol and is the size of a grapefruit  . The reason for this prototype is to cater the overwhelming demand for small engines of this class in the Asia Pacific markets (APAC). Our partners who represent us in APAC has indicated through their market research that the demand for this class of engine is  over 50 million engines per year. With our expertise and contacts we believe to take advantage of this market demand.

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Welcome Mr. Naveen Madishetty, Chief Advisor for Sustainability in India, to team Rotapower!


Mr. Naveen Madishetty is the regional head for India Chamber of Commerce. He is also the green policy advisor to the World Academy of Arts & Sciences and a recognized world leader in sustainability and green business. Mr. Madishetty’s core expertise is in Design, Development, Commercialization and policy in Clean technologies. He recently received the prestigious EU-India young leaders award at the EU parliament in Brussels and was also nominated to TWAS (The World Academy of Sciences) engineering science prize in 2018, in Italy. In the last decade, Mr. Madishetty has played a key role in many green technologies in the fields of Biogas, Solar, and other renewable energies. He founded Chakragreen solutions, in India, that dedicates its expertise in promoting green and clean technologies. Mr. Madishetty has a B.S. in mechanical engineering from VTU in India and a M.S. in environment process engineering from Stuttgart University in Germany.

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Business Update

Hello All,

Subhash here! We continue to keep our blog active and provide you with timely updates. We have been busy working our way to seek investments and prudent business partnerships. Recently we have signed a contract with a reputed marketing company in India that is helping us partner with several industries, verticals and businesses that have interest in our capabilities. It is very important that we continue in this path to align our activities with the investment opportunities. We have made some significant research and analysis in the process and very happy about the progress we have made thus far.

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