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Hello all,

My apologies for a long hiatus from the blog. I have been working away helping our COO to revamp our web portal, working with our advisors to explore opportunities in the energy industry, research opportunities, finding strategic partners for us and signing MOUs with them.

These are exciting times for Freedom Motors and I am glad to be part of it, serving you all. I would like take this opportunity to give you all an update of our India trip.

The trip was mainly 4 fold.

  1. Explore investment opportunities in India
  2. Explore strategic partnerships for manufacturing
  3. Try to understand the political base in India and also engage with some of them.
  4. Explore potential partners and companies for assisting us in research, sales, advertising in India.

We were extremely successful in all fronts. Although we did not come back with investment, we were pleased by the fact that there was a lot of interest for Freedom Motors and our products. I truly believe that with this experience we can attract good investors in the next 90 days.

With respect to manufacturing we have identified a potential partner who has a huge manufacturing facility (ideal for us) and is currently manufacturing long-range fixed-wing drones. They are ready to work with us to use our engines in their drones and also manufacture FM engines for our demand.

On the political base front, we were successful in meeting with the top Government officials. David and I met Mr. Mynampally Hanumantha Rao (, an accomplished politician and part of the Government of state of Telangana in India. He is currently a Member of Legislative Assembly from Malkajgiri Constituency in the state of Telangana. He is also a General Secretary for the state of Telangana and District President for Greater Hyderabad in his party, Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS)

He was kind enough to spend some time with us and assured us to provide all possible help from his Government when we start our manufacturing. I have attached a photo of him and I that we took after the conclusion of our talks.

Mr. Mynampally Hanumantha Rao & Dr. Subhash Paluru

Lastly, we met with several CEOs and executives who pledged their support and help for Freedom Motors. We are also having some discussions with an established firm that pioneers in sales, marketing and advertising. We have also spoken with several folks who are willing to help us establish Freedom Motors in India.

There is a lot more to do and a lot more to come. I am happy that my friends and family have come through and are continuing to help us become successful.


Author: Dr. Subhash Paluru

Dr. Paluru has over two decades of experience in the utility industry with extensive knowledge and expertise in Power Systems Engineering, Power Operations, Power Marketing, SCADA Operations, Information Technology, Substation Automation, Reliability Compliance, Physical and Cyber Security. Dr. Paluru is a former Department of Energy Senior Executive. Dr. Paluru oversaw and managed the Sierra Nevada Regional Office of Western Area Power Administration in Northern California. He has also served in several leadership roles in Information Technology, Power Operations, Critical Infrastructure, Reliability Compliance, Physical and Cyber Security. Dr. Paluru has also advised several large utilities in the area of Technology and Innovation in the power industry for improving the operation and modernization of North America’s power transmission grid. Dr. Paluru holds a PhD in Physics in the field of High Temperature Superconductors and its applications.

18 thoughts on “India Trip Summary”

      1. Is manufacturing so much less costly in India that with shipping, tariffs, and heaven knows what other fees charged to get our engines landed here, the profits are still larger than domestic manufacturing? Or is it more about getting a large customer/manufacturer all in one. What size engine of ours would the drone maker use for their product? One per drone?

  1. Thanks for all your excellent questions. Yes, the manufacturing in India is far more cheaper than manufacturing in the USA (including the freight costs). As a matter of fact majority of the US manufacturing happens in Asia pacific. This is not something new that we plan to do, rather, we are just following the path laid by the trailblazers like Apple etc… It could very well be China, but we have less influence in managing our resources there. Our advantage in India is that we have a support system ready to go. Most importantly, we can continue to keep the integrity of our trade secrets as there is an established trust with the entities in India.

    We plan to ONLY mass produce in India while we continue to produce engines here for US and low volume business.

    India is a country that has enjoyed a double digit GDP growth in the last 5 years. With its growing economy we have a tremendous advantage to compete and succeed. In addition to it, with India’s population being 1.3 Billion, our customer base is also broad. India being the base could also help us cater all Asia Pacific customers.

    Coming to the drone manufacturer, not revealing a lot of information, due to the NDA we signed, we are thinking of our compounded 530cc engine. We need two as the target drone is a fixed wing (one on each side).

    Hope I have answered all your questions to your satisfaction.


  2. Hi,
    I’ve been very pleased with the progress the new FM team has been achieving. Quick question though. Do you know what the major contributor is to not being able to secure investment from this trip? And is there any plan to make the company more attractive to investors?

    Thank you for your reply.


    1. Raul, thanks for reading this blog and asking questions. I wish everything happens quickly and in one face to face meeting. In my past experience fund raising when in millions take on an average of one year.

      In spite of this we have been very aggressive and have reached out to at least half a dozen potential investors. After taking over as the CEO in the middle of October 2018 we started revamping the web portal, created a business plan and a strategy to reach out to the investors.

      This was our first go around to just have a face to face with the investors and do a presentation. There is a lot of information that the investors have to digest. They will ask questions if they don’t understand. Then they have to ensure that the ROI that we portrayed falls in line with their financial strategy. If they feel that we have a business that matches their strategy then they would call us for a second go around, otherwise we keep knocking on the doors.

      I have not seen any investor listen to our pitch for an hour and write a check for a few million dollars, although I sincerely hoped they would 🙂

      What is more important is the direction that we have taken, the potential customers and partners we have identified and the explored the friendly Governments that we propose to work in the future. So far based on my experience I think we have made tremendous progress.

      Please continue to engage with us and keep asking questions. To end my reply, I can firmly say that for Freedom Motors, the question is not “IF” but rather it is “WHEN” we get the fund raised.


  3. Thank you both David and Sabhash for your good work and efforts.
    Accomplishing much in a short time with your efforts and resources.

    This appears promising, as it is a consistent approach gaining momentum.
    Please let me know if I can help in any way, now or later- with some connections from Thunderbird Global School of Management. My classmate helps with implementation of contracts and production in India now. There are others with resources that may supplement your efforts, also. Paul has had contact with some of these resources in the past.

  4. Hi,

    I’m a long time follwer & investor in MI/FM and am very excited about the current progress!

    I may be mistaken but wasn’t the agreement between FM with MI that using the engine for flight was off the table and only for MI? Has the agreement changed or am I off here?

    Best regards & keep up the great work!


    1. Thank you Zbig,

      Yes we are all excited about our progress. Appreciate the support. As far as my understanding goes FM and MI have a deal to exclusively use FM engines for MI UAVs and PAVs. FM also has non-exclusive rights to develop these UAVs and PAVs under MI license. Hope this helps.


    2. Hi Zbig,

      You are mostly correct. There is a technology transfer agreement that gives FM exclusive rights to MI intellectual property (Rotapower engines) for all uses except for aviation and ducted fan applications. For those applications, MI would have to provide any rights to using Rotapower technology to whomever needs those rights.

  5. Hi,
    I think FM should pitch Breakthrough Energy Ventures LLC. in WA. About them: “Breakthrough Energy Ventures LLC is an investment coalition focused on investments in new energy technologies. The firm invests its own capital in electricity, transportation, agriculture, manufacturing, and buildings.” FM hits four of those five targets! People involved? Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and others.

  6. How many shares outstanding in moller. Also will mler shareholders get to convert to freedom motors. Why is the largest shareholder selling freedom motors

  7. -TD Ameritrade shows OS of MLER at 95 million, though I am pretty sure that is lite by 5 – 10 million+. -I’m fairly certain there won’t be any scenario whereby conversion of MLER stock into FM stock would by contemplated, for numerous reasons. -It is a LARGE shareholder who is selling – not the largest, according to the description/posting.

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