Virtual Data Room

Data Room?

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I have not posted in more than a week.  Things have been pretty uninteresting this past week as I have been focused on paperwork.  I have lately been focused on a virtual “Data Room” for FM.  It’s a common thing in the business world of mergers & acquisitions.   But, when you are applying for capital investment from funding organizations, they also want to see a lot of information about the company in a well organized data room.  For example, VCs will be required by their bosses, the LPs (limited partners) to deep dive into any potential investment, looking at corporate history, staff, customers, cash-flow, financial statements, legal history, patents, etc.   It’s a LOT of heavy lifting to put all this together, and I have taken on this “lovely” task.   We need a data room for our application with Elemental Excelerator anyways, so I had to start this process. Continue reading “Virtual Data Room”

Freedom Motors – A Global Climate Solution

Welcome All,

Thank you for taking time to read my first blog post for Freedom Motors.  We are taking on this effort in order to share with the world our product and plans for tackling one of the world’s most urgent problems related to climate change: industrial and agricultural methane emissions. Continue reading “Freedom Motors – A Global Climate Solution”