A delightful visitor!

Hi All,

So this week I had the pleasure to bring one of the members of my former robotics team to Moller/Freedom Motors.  Her name is Maya, and she was part of the robotics team that I coached for 7 years – first in FLL (FIRST LEGO League) during Middle School and then in VEX (www.vexrobotics.com) during her high school years. Continue reading “A delightful visitor!”

Prepping for the ICO

So…I have been working on developing the ICO plan for Freedom Motors.  This plan requires not only a lot of details surrounding the coin mechanics,  but also the business opportunities, potential growth in value for the crowdsale investors, and a lot of expert advise.  It’s definitely a huge task to manage. Continue reading “Prepping for the ICO”

Freedom Motors – A Global Climate Solution

Welcome All,

Thank you for taking time to read my first blog post for Freedom Motors.  We are taking on this effort in order to share with the world our product and plans for tackling one of the world’s most urgent problems related to climate change: industrial and agricultural methane emissions. Continue reading “Freedom Motors – A Global Climate Solution”