Valley Air

Investors Hub

Hello All,

I want to re-post a long message I put up on InvestorsHub.  I did this in response to questions that were being raised on that message board, as I was alerted to some concerns being raised.  I decided to put a “status update” on the board, and now I am including a copy here (since there is a lot of information in the post).  I will follow this up with some status updates for the week. Continue reading “Valley Air”

Virtual Data Room

Data Room?

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I have not posted in more than a week.  Things have been pretty uninteresting this past week as I have been focused on paperwork.  I have lately been focused on a virtual “Data Room” for FM.  It’s a common thing in the business world of mergers & acquisitions.   But, when you are applying for capital investment from funding organizations, they also want to see a lot of information about the company in a well organized data room.  For example, VCs will be required by their bosses, the LPs (limited partners) to deep dive into any potential investment, looking at corporate history, staff, customers, cash-flow, financial statements, legal history, patents, etc.   It’s a LOT of heavy lifting to put all this together, and I have taken on this “lovely” task.   We need a data room for our application with Elemental Excelerator anyways, so I had to start this process. Continue reading “Virtual Data Room”

Blog Technical Difficulties!

Something went wrong with WordPress for this blog….frustratingly backup restores did not solve it. Not sure what the issue is, but it will take some work to resolve.
The last blog post was lost because of the backup restore, but I will re-post it again soon.  
Stay tuned…

The Compound

Hi Everyone,

I know many of you are waiting to hear about my experience at the ReThink Methane Conference on Tuesday.  I’m writing up a report for our internal use, and I will share details with you all soon.  I made a lot of great contacts, potential industry partners, and even some advice one where to look for funding opportunities.  I want to finish that report first, then I will share my thoughts with you all. Continue reading “The Compound”

We have a winner! EcoX

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for playing “Name that coin!”  Based on popular demand, we have fixed the name of our token to be EcoX, and I have filed in the USPTO for that trademark.  It takes time, but it should register eventually.  There are a few other companies that use that trademark, but in other classes of business so there shouldn’t be any conflicts.  Dr. Moller also really likes EcoX, so kudos to whoever suggested that name!   Personally I’m still partial to RotarCoin, but no biggie, the people have spoken. Continue reading “We have a winner! EcoX”