CleanTech Open – Second Day

Hi Everyone,

It’s the second day of the CTO National Academy West #ctonaw18, here at the Seagate Event Center in Fremont, CA.  I’m at the conference this morning, and I wanted to write at least one short post about what we are learning while I can.  The first day was very busy, we were pretty much tied up all day from 7:30am until 10:00pm when we finally left for home.  I didn’t get any time to write yesterday, so today I’m being a bit more proactive. Continue reading “CleanTech Open – Second Day”

Press Release from Freedom Motors

Hello Everyone,

This morning we issued a press release on our initiative to use the Rotapower engine as part of the solution space for the global rise in anthropogenic methane emissions and it’s impact on the world’s climate.

Here is a link to the original press release: Continue reading “Press Release from Freedom Motors”

CleanTech Open First Meet & Greet

Hello Everyone,

So yesterday Dr. Moller, his wife Rosa and I attended the first meeting in the CleanTech Open.  It was a mixer in Oakland that included members of the Western region cohort and many of the mentors who volunteer in the program.  It was an enjoyable evening, and I had to give a 1-minute impromptu pitch on Freedom Motors.    Continue reading “CleanTech Open First Meet & Greet”

Welcome to Cleantech Open!

We’re in!

Hello Freedom Fans,

I am proud to announce that Freedom Motors was selected into the CleanTech Open 2018 Cohort for the US Western Region.  Only a small number of companies are selected into this prestigious program that is essentially a business accelerator/incubator for environmentally conscious technology start-ups.  Each year they accept about 100-150 companies in the US into the program, and we are happy and exited to be selected for this year’s cohort! Continue reading “Welcome to Cleantech Open!”

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to wish everyone Happy Mother’s Day, please enjoy this time with family.  I am currently in upstate New York because my father passed away this past Monday.  I came out to stay with my mom for a few days to help her adjust to this new phase of her life.  I just wanted everyone to know that I was still here! Continue reading “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Day 2 – GMF

Day 2 at the Global Methane Forum

Hi Everyone,

It’s morning here in Toronto, and the GMF technical sessions have kicked off.  We have morning and afternoon sessions, followed by some network opportunities.  I already have a few specific people I’m going to target for introductions.

We definitely have very good attendance today – the oil & gas technical session I am currently sitting in is almost 100% full.

Opening morning session at GMF

Best Regards – Dave