Rotapower® 27cc

Small Engine for Small Applicaions

Rotapower® 27cc

The Rotapower® 27cc is a newly designed rotary engine capable of 2.5 hp @ 6,500 rpm on gasoline. Although currently not in production, the prototypes of this engine have been tested in several applications and currently being considered for additional use cases. Originally designed for use in lawn-care products such as trimmers and blowers, this 4-stroke, emissions friendly engine is a potential power source for a very wide range of products needing 2.5 hp from a small, 4 lbs package

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27cc Rotapower Engine Brochure

27cc Rotapower® Engine Specifications
Engine Type Single Rotor
Displacement 27 cc
Moving Parts Count 2
Engine Weight 4 lbs 2 kg
Starter System Recoil (Pull Starter)
Fuel System Carburetor
Cooling of Rotor Housing Air
Cooling of Rotor Intake Charge
Dimensions L × W × H 5 × 5 × 4 in 13 × 13 × 9 cm
Maximum Power 2.5 hp 1.8 kW
Rated Power 2.0 hp 1.5 kW
Rated Speed 9,000 rpm
Rated S.F.C. 0.55 lb/hp-hr 336 g/kWh
High Performance
Maximum Power 3.0 hp 2.2 kW
Maximum Speed 12,000 rpm
S.F.C. = Specific Fuel Consumption
27cc Rotapower® Engine Performance