Rotapower® Engine Reliability

Designed for Long Life and Safe Operation

Rotapower® Engine Reliability

Rotapower Reliability Whitepaper

  • HISTORIC RELIABILITY: Freedom Motors has over 40 years of experience testing rotary engines
    • OMC rotary engines have accumulated over 4 million working hours
    • No OMC engine failures have been experienced due to engine design
    • The Rotapower® engine uses bearings with improved life even with double the power
    • The Rotapower® engines use improved materials and technology throughout their design
    • Pre-production 450cc/530cc and 650cc series models have been tested for over two years without a single design-caused failure

  • APPLICATION RELIABILITY: The core technology pieces of the Rotapower® have logged thousands of hours in multiple applications
    • Neuera flight and nacelle testing
    • Skycar flight and nacelle testing
    • Marine, ATV and diesel power applications

  • EXPERIMENTAL RELIABILITY: The dyno testing of the Rotapower® is consistent with lab results from the OMC production dyno data
    • OMC found that 2 to 3 mils of wear per 100 hours run time in the lab resulted in > 2000 hours TBO in the field
    • Rotapower® seal wear rates are running 0.2-0.3 mils/100 hours experimentally

  • ANECDOTAL RELIABILITY: Latest generation rotaries are amazingly reliable
    • High performance racing teams use dyno tested and sealed rotary engines for multiple seasons without an overhaul.