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Freedom Motors sincerely thanks its worldwide investors who have invested over $65 million to advance our Rotapower® engine technology. You all have made it possible to acquire rotary engine Intellectual Property and physical assets of companies like OMC (Outboard Marine Corporation), GMC (General Motors Company), and IEC (Infinite Engine Company) and advance this technology to produce world class engines.

Freedom Motors Investment Opportunities


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Although Freedom Motors is no longer accepting investments through StartEngine, we are excited to offer select investment opportunities here in North America and abroad. Please check this page frequently for updates or new opportunities.

EquityNet - Investment Opportunity

Freedom Motors is actively seeking investments from individuals and entities (domestic & abroad) through EquityNet. Please follow our profile via Freedom Motors EquityNet Profile or contact us at +1 (916) 597-0403 or .

Download Freedom Motors Executive Summary here.

Download review of selected Advanced Air Mobility Aircraft here.

Download the future of Advanced Air Mobility Aircraft whitepaper here.

Download the industry commentary on our technologies here.


EB-5 Investment Opportunity

Freedom Motors is pleased to launch its EB-5 program to support its production of commercial ready Rotapower® Engine technology and its associated Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) VTOL Aircraft development with its technology partner Moller International. In order to support this program Freedom Motors has forged several partnerships across the globe. Freedom Motors plans to raise $40 million in the first phase and over $500 million is subsequent phases

Freedom Motors has identified at least 3 land parcels within 10 miles radius of its current location that is in the TEA (Targeted Employment Area) zone. Freedom Motors is purely an infrastructure development company that focuses on mitigating global emissions through its Rotapower® Engine technology use with green, renewable & carbon neutral fuels. Freedom Motors Rotapower® Engines have power to weight ratio over three times higher and power to volume ratio that is nine times higher than the lightest 4-stroke piston engine currently available in the market. Rotapower® Engines also have high fuel efficiency and with no emissions when operated with green, renewable, and carbon neutral fuels that makes it the prime candidate as the AAM VTOL aircraft powerplant. Rotapower® engines increases the range of an AAM VTOL aircraft to 500 miles. The AAM VTOL aircraft can be operated purely on Rotapower® engines or in an electric hybrid mode.

Freedom Motors next generation compound 5-stroke Rotapower® engines that has the potential to reduce fuel consumption by 25%, 50% reduction in exhaust temperature, and 95% reduction in noise makes it the ideal candidate for AAM VTOL aircraft. The significant reduction in noise level and its power-to-weight ratio of 3:1 and power-to-volume ratio of 9:1 makes it the ideal solution for AAM VTOL aircraft.


Download the Freedom Motors Process Flow and Q&A Document here.

Download the Freedom Motors detailed EB-5 Project Plan Document (Excel Spreadsheet) here.


In order to adminsiter this EB-5 program with appropriate regional center, fund administrator, economists and other SMEs, Freedom Motors is pleased to have partnered with EB-5 Investor Portal. EB-5 Investor Portal has numerous years of experience and can be reached at ( or call at +1 (844) 754-9225


For Investors in India, please contact Rajat Negi ( or ( or WhatsApp at +91 98103 30394


For Investors in China, please contact Mike Shanley or his wife Jia Li ( or ( or WeChat at Ricajls28


For Investors in Asia (other than China & India), please contact Gurminder Singh Khalsa based in Singapore ( or ( or WhatsApp at +1 (323) 413-7938


For Investors Worldwide, please contact Freedom Motors ( or call or WhatsApp at +1 (916) 597-0403


To learn more about Freedom Motors and its world class technology please visit our Freedom Motors Documents Repository

To learn more about Geoff, Rajat, Mike, Gurminder, and all others please visit our Freedom Motors Executive Team Page


Accredited Investors

Investment Funds, Venture Capitalists or other accredited investors interested in Freedom Motors are advised to contact or call +1 (916) 597-0403.


Freedom Motors Investment Advisory



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