Rotapower® Series

Rotary Engines with Limitless Applications

Rotapower® Series

Engines are generally categorized by the total displacement of the engine. Industrial engines typically produce about 3 HP for every 100cc of displacement. High performance automotive engines can produce 7 HP for every 100cc, as do many two-stroke engines. The Wankel-type engine is unique inasmuch as it produces one power stroke per revolution of the output shaft from one rotor like a single two-stroke piston engine but operates on the much more efficient four-stroke combustion cycle. The Wankel-type engine, therefore, is considered to have twice the displacement of a four-stroke piston engine of the same nominal displacement. The Rotapower engine can comfortably produce 7 HP for every 100cc in an industrial configuration and up to 15 HP for every 100cc in a high performance configuration.

Freedom Motors has developed both single and multi-rotor high performance engines and is producing a small number of 530cc displacement single rotor (530 series). It plans to develop 150cc/rotor (150 series) versions for auxiliary power units (APU), motor scooters and utility vehicles because of the number of engines produced world-wide in this engine power.

The first models ready to be volume manufactured are the single and multi-rotor liquid-cooled 530 series models because they address the immediate needs of the recreational market where existing or proposed two-stroke powerplants will not suffice. This displacement Rotapower engine is also ideal because of its light weight and small size for portable or easily transportable engines in the 20 to 200 HP range as auxiliary power units (APU) for generators, pumps etc. The following chart identifies the various engines with their respective hp output and likely application with the probable application area that they would address.

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Rotapower Engine Specifications
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Rotapower Engine Comparison
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Rotapower Engine SFC Comparison
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Applications and Horsepower Range of the Basic Rotapower® Engines

Max. Horsepower Engine Displacement Rotor Configuration Potential Applications
2.5 hp 27 cc 1 Rotor Handheld power tools, small gensets
20 hp 150 cc 1 Rotor Hybrid cars, gensets, scooters, and smaller motorcycles
40 hp 300 cc* 2 Rotors (2×150 cc)
60 hp 530 cc 1 Rotor Larger hybrid vehicles, snowmobiles, all terrain vehicles (ATVs), jet skis, jet boats, and larger motorcycles
120 hp 1060 cc 2 Rotors (2×530 cc)
180 hp 1590 cc 3 Rotors (3×530 cc)
240 hp 2120 cc 4 Rotors (4×530cc) Boats, industrial engines, large gensets, or any application which is space limited, weight limited, or requires multi-fuel capability
360 hp 3180 cc 6 Rotors (6×530 cc)
75 hp 650 cc 1 Rotor
150 hp 1300 cc 2 Rotors (2×650 cc)
*Sizes that have not yet been tested by Freedom Motors
cc = cubic centimeter (cm³)         1000 cc = 1 Liter
Row color represents models generated from same basic configuration to minimize tooling changes:
27 cc Rotapower® Module
150 cc Rotapower® Module
530 cc Rotapower® Module
650 cc Rotapower® Module